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Company Name:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Building Automation Systems ManagerProgram Manager IV
Agency Name:
Dept. of Mental Health
Official Title:
Program Manager IV
Functional Title:
Building Automation Systems Manager
Occupational Group:
Not Used
Position Type:
Civil Service
Full-Time or Part-Time:
Salary Range:
$35,247.68 to $88,272.22 Annually
Bargaining Unit:
Number Of Vacancies:
Facility Location:
DMH, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, 309 Belmont Street, Worcester, MA 01604
Application Deadline:
Apply Online:
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This position is funded from the Commonwealth''s annual operating budget.Duties:
The Building Automation Systems Manager position blends the need for a technically competent manager with leadership capabilities that will be responsible for the daily operations and oversight of a new psychiatric hospital encompassing a 435,000 square foot infrastructure that includes but is not limited to all electrical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sprinkler, fire alarm, elevators and security systems. The manager is responsible for reviewing systems and establishing policies and procedures that reflect new technologies and new processes. This manager will be responsible for providing technical guidance to the new facility senior management team and facility staff while addressing all current building infrastructure challenges and ensuring that clinical care within setting is continuously provided in a safe, therapeutic and cost-effective environment. This position acts as liaison to other organizations concerned with the safety and accreditation of facilities designated for health care provision.
1. Provides oversight and technical assistance to hospital technicians to assure that the organization meets appropriate State, Federal and Local standards and codes as they apply to facilities management, engineering, building codes and accreditation.
2. Provides technical guidance, instruction, training and support including set-up, check-out, operation and troubleshooting complex building automation and control systems; verifies functional performance of systems provided. Provides basic theory on proper system operations, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting techniques, typical system failures and provides corrections to technicians and other personnel.
3. Oversees the inspection, monitoring, evaluation and adjustments of computer based and mechanical systems performance for proper and efficient operation including pumps, fans, valves, dampers, terminal units, heat transfer equipment, fluid flow conditions and air and water system balance; oversees the inspection of construction, installation and maintenance of mechanical engineer systems and equipment as well as that of other core service systems for compliance with specifications.
4. Monitors and evaluates project data including a review of assigned core services unit activities through a variety of data submission methods to conform to appropriate State, Federal and Local rules, regulations, laws, codes, policies and procedures and to determine necessary changes, improvements or other facility needs as the result of inspections, review of specifications and testing to ensure all work is done to meet all standards.
5. Develops budget requests for the Engineering, Maintenance and other core service departments to project needs for staff, equipment and other facility expenses; meets with vendors, engineers and contractors and interacts with C.M.A. fiscal staff to ensure coordination in the planning and expenditure of funds.
6. Provides oversight in building operations including automation systems and air conditioning controls, using various operator workstations, computers, digital interface units and standard HVAC tools of the trade. Inspects, calibrates, repairs and installs a wide range of control, sensing and actuating devices.
7. Responds to emergency and routine service calls to provide restoration of mechanical systems operation and control with a minimum of downtime.
8. Maintain complete and accurate records of the equipment and systems and set up regular preventive maintenance schedule.
9. Provides analytical assistance concerning campus mechanical systems in buildings, central plant and in general campus distribution to other shops and campus departments including coordination with grounds maintenance staff for all outside activities that affect the facilities operations.
10. Perform other job related duties as required.
MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) four years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory, or managerial experience in business administration, business management, or public administration and (B) of which at least three years must have been in a supervisory or managerial capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.
Substitutions: I. A Master''s or higher degree with a major in business administration, management, public administration, industrial engineering, industrial psychology, or hospital administration may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.
Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.
Preferred Qualifications:
A thorough knowledge of Building construction and programs and knowledge of and the ability to perform the following:
1. Ability to read and interpret blueprints.
2. The Americans with Disabilities Act.
3. The Clean State Initiative.
4. Hospital facility management.
5. Accreditation compliance programs.
6. State financial, operating and bidding regulations.
7. Ability to manage planning building management processes.
8. Requires excellent interpersonal skills, ability to communicate with multiple and diverse audiences and to be flexible.
9. Ability to analyze complex control sequences and resulting operations and to develop innovations that solve difficult technical problems.
10. Ability to acquire, through training and on the job experience, specialized knowledge in rapidly changing technology and applications.
11. Skill in dealing with campus building occupants, contractors and consultants.
12. Knowledge of heat transfer and fluid flow and the application of mechanical devices used for delivery of ventilation, steam, chilled water, hot water and humidification.
13. Knowledge of the theory, principles and practices of mechanical engineering.
14. Knowledge of the types and uses of materials used in mechanical engineering.
15. Knowledge of the methods of general and technical report writing.
16. Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of mechanical engineering data, to draw conclusions, and make appropriate recommendations.
17. Ability to read and interpret documents such as plans, specifications, blueprints, mechanical drawings, etc.
18. Ability to understand and apply laws, rules regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines governing assigned unit activities.
19. Ability to explain the provisions of the laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines governing assigned unit activities.
20. Ability to write concisely, express thoughts clearly and to develop ideas in a logical sequence.
21. Ability to give written and oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner.
22. Ability to assemble items of information according to established procedures.
23. Ability to lead a group of workers.
24. Ability to supervise, including planning and assigning work according to the nature of the job to be accomplished, the capabilities of subordinates and available resources; controlling work through periodic reviews and/or evaluations; determining subordinate''s training needs and providing or arranging for such training; motivating subordinates to work effectively; determining the need for disciplinary action and either recommending or initiating disciplinary action.
25. Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of supervision.
26. Accommodate the changing needs of a large-scale hospital organization.
A criminal background check will be completed on the recommended candidate as required by the regulations set forth by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services prior to the candidate being hired. For more information, please visit
/, and click on -Information for Job Applicants-
Located on over 100 acres in Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH) is part of an integrated network of effective, efficient and culturally competent mental health services. It provides intermediate and long-term inpatient care for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness who live in Massachusetts, as well as individuals requiring specialized court ordered evaluations.
WRCH provides inpatient services to 260 inpatient adults; 30 inpatient adolescents and 30 residential adolescents, in either an Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTP) or a Behavioral Intensive Residential Treatment Program (BIRT).
This is a Civil Service position.
As applicable, preference for this position will be given to those candidates who are eligible for Civil Service/ConTest Reinstatement/Reemployment or to those candidates who have passed the civil service examination for this job title, and who respond to the job certification that was recently issued for this location, and/or to employees laid off or bumped from this title who are eligible for recall, and in accordance with Article 14 or applicable Collective bargaining requirements.
This position is full-time, 40 hours per week, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
Candidates must be able to read, write and otherwise communicate in English. ASL preferred.
How To Apply:
Please reference Posting ID #J41394 and forward your resume and cover letter by mail, e-mail or fax to:
Office of Health, Human Resources
Department of Mental Health
Attn: Carolyn Burnett
309 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Email: healthhr-customerservice- .us
All applications and/or resumes must be submitted to Human Resources by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.
Please direct inquiries to .
Please help our environment by doing ONLY one of the following: (1) mailing, (2) faxing or (3) emailing your cover letter and resume. PLEASE DO NOT DO ALL THREE. Thank you!
Agency Web Address:
Ms. Joy Connell
An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist